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April 9,  2019

Message: My kids and I brought home our baby boy on Sunday, he right off the bat laid very gently on the floor next to my 7 month old, making sure to cuddle next to him,eats treats from my two year old hands so easy making sure not to even get a tooth touching her little hands,the two older boys play with him and use his toys and NEVER got to excited,Kane(our pup)loves his new doggie sister to😁.Kane has already become a member of the family and we love him!!He is gonna be a huge dog and is healthy and happy and GORGEOUS,I would recommend your pup's to anyone who is looking for a big family dog that will protect and give you love from the beginning,thank you so very much for such a great addition to our family!😀😍


Cane Corso for sale

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Read about this amazing breed.


We love our canines. They are part of our family.

They are friends and protectors.

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